Green Bodhi | Hazy Girl


Breeder/Brand Green Bodhi
Size 1049
Pack Size 5 Seeds
Genetics PGSC x Hazy Kush
Variety Hybrid
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Feminised
Max. THC Content % 23%
CBD Content % No data
Max. Yield Outdoor gr/plant 750 gr
Yield Indoor gr/m2 High (450-600 gr/m2)
Max. Plant Height cm 120 cm
Harvest Month Northern October
Taste/Flavour Doughy, lemon/lime, and hints of fuel
Effect Balanced cerebral and physical effects
Flowering Time 8 to 10 weeks

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Experience the delightful embrace of Hazy Girl, a feminised cannabis strain created by the renowned breeder Green Bodhi. This hybrid strain is the result of crossing the renowned Platinum GSC strain from the Bay Area with Green Bodhi’s reversed Hazy Kush. The outcome is a captivating combination of flavours, scents, and effects that make Hazy Girl an enticing choice for cannabis enthusiasts.


Hazy Girl is a photoperiod strain that thrives in a variety of cultivation environments. With a grower-friendly nature, this strain is suitable for growers of all levels, including beginners. The plant reaches a manageable height of around 120cm, making it conducive to indoor and outdoor grows. To support its vigorous growth, it is recommended to use cages or trellises, with minimal or no toppings. The strain excels in the Screen of Green (SCRoG) technique, showcasing its bilateral branching and structure. Hazy Girl boasts a low leaf to flower ratio, allowing the buds to flourish and make trimming easy. Its flowering time indoors spans approximately 56 to 70 days, while outdoor growers can expect to harvest in October in the northern hemisphere. In optimal conditions, the maximum indoor yield is around 500 gr/m2, while outdoor cultivation can yield an impressive 750 grams per plant or even more.

Sabores y aromas:

The strain emits a medium-strength odour that encompasses notes of dough, jasmine, lemon/lime, and subtle hints of fuel. This aromatic blend creates an enticing fragrance that sets the stage for a truly enjoyable cannabis experience. Hazy Girl showcases dense, compact buds that are visually appealing. The buds are known for their impeccable bud density, providing an exquisite sight for cannabis connoisseurs. The strain exhibits a range of colours, reflecting the combination of its genetic heritage. When it comes to extractions, Hazy Girl shines. The strain offers excellent results, making it a favourite among enthusiasts who enjoy extracting cannabinoids and terpenes for concentrates, oils, etc.


Hazy Girl boasts a THC content that can be as high as 23%, and with CBD content below 1%, this strain focuses primarily on delivering a THC-rich experience. Prepare for a euphoric journey as Hazy Girl’s high unfolds. A Haze-type of soaring effect envelops the head and eyes. Gradually, this cerebral effect is accompanied by a soothing body high, offering both a cerebral and physical experience to the user. This combination of mental and physical relaxation makes Hazy Girl an ideal choice for individuals seeking anxiety relief or those looking to unwind after a demanding day. The strain’s therapeutic potential lies in its ability to promote relaxation and alleviate stress, providing a well-deserved respite for both the mind and body.

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