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Breeder/Brand Green Bodhi
Pack Size 11 Seeds
Genetics Skywalker x OGLA78
Variety Hybrid
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Regular
Max. THC Content % 25%+
CBD Content % Low (0-1%)
Max. Yield Outdoor gr/plant 750gr+
Yield Indoor gr/m2 High (450-600 gr/m2)
Max. Plant Height cm 120 cm
Flowering Time 8 to 10 weeks
Harvest Month Northern October
Taste/Flavour Fuel, musk, sweet
Effect Perfect stress-relief without being narcotic. All day smoke.

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Skywalker 78 Regular is a remarkable hybrid cannabis strain created by Green Bodhi. A result of crossing the renowned Skywalker OG cut with the selective OGLA78 male, this cultivar exhibits a distinctive combination of flavours, scents, and effects. With an average resistance to mould and a dense, compact bud structure, Skywalker 78 is a suitable choice for beginner growers. This strain offers an enjoyable experience, and is an excellent option for stress relief throughout the day.


Skywalker 78 is a photoperiod strain that requires a standard light cycle for flowering. It is recommended to provide support such as caging, staking, or trellising, along with a few toppings for the best results. The structure of this cultivar showcases a staggered bud formation, typical of its OG lineage. Due to only having average mould resistance, extra care should be taken to maintain a favorable growing environment, especially late in flowering.

Flowering typically takes between 56 to 70 days indoors from seed to harvest with yields between 450 – 600 gr/m2.. When cultivated outdoors in the northern hemisphere, Skywalker 78 Regular can be harvested in October with outdoor plants producing upwards of 750 grams per plant.

Flavours and Scents:

The flavours and scents of Skywalker 78 are an enticing blend of fuel, musk, and sweetness. This strain inherits the robust fuel and herbal notes from its Skywalker OG parent, complemented by additional OG terpenes and exotic spice from the OGLA78. The resulting combination creates a distinct aromatic profile that is intriguing.


With a THC content of 25% or higher and CBD levels below 1%, Skywalker 78 Regular offers a potent and well-rounded experience. This strain is known for its stress-relieving properties without causing excessive sedation, making it a suitable choice for daytime use. The effects of Skywalker 78 Regular provide a balanced and enjoyable high, allowing users to alleviate stress while maintaining clarity and functionality.

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