Grounded Genetics | Guava Jelly


Brand Grounded Genetics
Pack Size 12 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time Typically week 9 or earlier, some Sour leaning phenos may need a few extra days
Lineage Sweets x Jealousy
Yield Medium Yield with some phenos being high yielding
Seed Type Regular

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Guava Jelly Regular Cannabis Seeds by Grounded Genetics

Guava Jelly by Grounded Genetics is their latest release from Grounded’s regular Jealousy line, consisting of elite cuts crossed to the infamous Jealousy (Gelato 41 x Sunset Sherbert Bx1).
Guava Jelly is the offspring from hitting Grounded Genetics’ personally-hunted Sweets keeper bred by Karma Genetics with the Jealousy male.

Sweets itself is a cross of Guava Gelato bred to the Sour Diesel Bx2. The resulting progeny of this exotic cross tends to be heavily gasoline-rich whilst also expressing sweet Gelato-type notes. Some phenotypes express more of the terp spectrum’s sour diesel fuel and petrol side but will still produce a more rounded, dense flower structure.

The Jealousy Male stud consistently lends his intense, deep purple colourations to a large percentage of its resulting progeny, resulting in spectacular bag appeal improvement no matter which cut he’s paired.

Guava Jelly also produces many plants with exceptional resin production and a few rarer phenotypes that produce the Sunset Sherb terp profile alongside the sandy glandular trichomes from the Sour Diesel lineage. All of the resulting progeny make for superior hash-producing varieties, & considering the level of complexity of aromas found across the Gelato and Sherbert family ensures they are winning profiles. Moreover, the Gelato/ Sunset Sherbert family tend to be poor washers of fresh frozen material. Most of the resulting progeny will finish in 9 weeks or less, with the odd Sour Diesel leaner requiring a few additional days.

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