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Breeder / Marca Green Bodhi
Tamaño 1049
Tamaño del paquete 5 Semillas
Genética Golden Pineapple x Hazy Kush
Variedad Sativa Dominante
Tipo de floración Fotoperiodo
Sexo Feminizada
Max. Contenido de THC %. 25%+
Contenido de CBD % Bajo (0-1%)
Rendimiento interior gr/m2 Muy alto (>600 gr/m2)
Max. altura de la planta cm 120 cm
Tiempo de floración 8 a 10 semanas
Mes de cosecha Norte Octubre
Sabor/Sabor Sweet, fruity (pineapple), fuel, floral
Efecto Uplifting, clarity, focus

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Golden Haze Feminised, bred by Green Bodhi, is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that combines the genetics of Golden Pineapple and Hazy Kush. This photoperiod strain is available in feminized seeds, making it easy for growers to cultivate female plants. With its high mould resistance and beginner-friendly grow level, Golden Haze Feminised is an excellent choice for novice cultivators.


Golden Haze Feminised is made more efficient with techniques such as SCRoG (Screen of Green), trellis, and SoG (Sea of Green) when growing indoors. Plants display a vigorous growth pattern developing narrow-leaves for such a Kush-like morphology. The flowering period ranges from 56 to 70 days indoors with yields indoors often exceeding 600 gr/m2. In outdoor environments in the Northern Hemisphere, the optimal harvest time falls around October. When grown outdoors, each plant has the potential to yield over 750 grams.

Sabores y aromas:

When it comes to flavor and scent, Golden Haze Feminised offers a delightful combination of sweet and fruity notes, reminiscent of pineapple, with subtle hints of gas and floral undertones. These aromatic qualities contribute to a pleasant and enjoyable smoking experience.


With a THC content of 25% or higher and minimal CBD content (less than 1%), this strain is favored by those seeking potent experiences and is not recommended for novice consumers. The effects of Golden Haze Feminised are particularly suitable for daytime use, as they induce uplifting feelings and promote focus. This strain is known for its ability to enhance mood and provide a cerebral high, making it a popular choice among those seeking a productive and energizing experience. Golden Haze Feminised boasts dense and compact buds, delivering a visually appealing appearance. The excellent extraction potential of Golden Haze Feminised opens up excellent possibilities for creating various cannabis concentrates.

In terms of therapeutic uses, Golden Haze Feminised may be beneficial for individuals dealing with stress, depression, or fatigue, as it can provide an uplifting and invigorating effect. Additionally, its potential focus-enhancing properties may aid those in need of increased concentration and mental clarity.

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